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The Che Figo Family


Anna Cappuccitti and Lucia Commisso believe in integrating sustainability within the high-end, designer fashion industry.

Buying second hand allows for a more ethical and eco-consious method of consumption. Che Figo provides an accessible platform to obtain authentic quality for less.

Cappuccitti and Commisso share an immense appreciation for recycling fashion with the primary intent to extend the life cycle of luxury goods.

At Che Figo, this fascination has transitioned into curating pre-loved collections of high-end fashion pieces they believe should live on to be sold, loved, and shared.

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Our name, Che Figo, pronounced "kay fee-go" is an Italian phrase that directly translates to "that's cool". In Italian, Che Figo can be used to describe someone or something as being cool, attractive and/or, fashionable.

This phrase presents insight into the brands vision. Reselling pieces that are Che Figo.